Friday, January 3, 2014

Another Surgery Done and Love Life Update

I ended 2013 with another surgery to increase the margins on the cancerous area on my left breast.  Everything went smoothly and I'm back in Mission recovering.  Now just to waiting for the final pathology results which will probably not be ready until the end of next week.   With any luck this will be the last of the surgery on the left side and I just have to get through the radiation and then the surgery to even up the right side.

My trip to Houston did have a couple of nice bits to it... I met Evelyn and Kevin Breutzmann and had a very nice dinner with them on last Sunday evening.  I met them at Amazon and they had just wrapped up another successful peak season in Coffeyville, KS.  They were in Houston for a few days before heading east to New Orleans and points further east.  It was nice to see them and catch up.  

Evelyn reminded me that I had promised an update on the online dating activities... Apparently I left something of a cliff hanger...

I thought I had met someone on  He was very charming and we had a lot of great conversations and email exchanges.  Unfortunately, he never could manage to make it to visit.  And then he just disappeared.  I'm not at all sure what was up with that.   There are strange folks out there.  

I had a few more interesting conversations with guys on Match.  But it seemed that none of them were anywhere close to the the Rio Grande Valley.  I was befinning to think that moving to Mission, Texas had been the kiss of death for my love life!

I think I mentioned that I had looked at first, but the people that I saw online were nothing like the ones in the commercials???   Well, back in early November I received an email from the OurTime site indicating that I had 5 new matches.   One of those was in McAllen and he looked interesting so I decided to finish up my registration on OurTime and take a look.  

Almost immediately I got a message from Jeff.  We exchanged an email or two and then started chatting.   A little while later we talked on the phone and ended up going to dinner that evening.   It was a little fast, but remember I had just been having an ongoing conversation with someone who I still hadn't met after several months.  I just decided I wanted to know right away if there was any real possibility there.

We had a great dinner and I can say that the $85 I spent on OurTime registration has been well worth it!  Jeff is originally from Indiana and has been down here in the Rio Grande Valley for 8 years.  He is an operations manager at a plant in Mexico so he crosses the border for work everyday.  He has 2 grown kids and 4 +3 granddaughters.  

We celebrated an early Christmas before he went north to visit family for Christmas.  It was a long 10 days apart!  He changed his return flight and flew back to Houston so he could be there for my surgery.  We had a very nice dinner on the night before my surgery at Prego in Houston.  Prego seems to be becoming my traditional night before surgery meal... it's the same place Dorothy and I had dinner at before my last surgery.

We've been going to area dances with some of the folks from Retama Village.  I love it!  The dancing generally starts at 7 and ends at about 10 pm.  They are always BYOB and tickets are less than $10.  So we can go dancing, have breakfast at IHOP and still be home by midnight.  It's great!  

So far Jeff's approval rating is high.  Most importantly with me, but never hurts to know others think he's a great guy too!


  1. So, do we get to meet him when we get to Mercedes in a couple of weeks? CERTAINLY!

  2. That's great news on both the surgery and the new found friend. Thanks for the update!